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Our Dallas faucet repair professionals are always standing by to help you with all your faucet problems. We also understand that unless it keeps you up at night, chances are you won’t take immediate action to fix a leaky faucet in Dallas—but you probably should. According to most studies, a leaky faucet can add $20 to your water bill in a relatively short period. In fact, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a single leaky faucet in Melbourne can cause a loss of 10,000 gallons of water in a home in a year—an amount that would fill a standard-sized swimming pool. Fixing that leaky faucet in Melbourne could reduce your annual water bill by 10%. The licensed professional plumbers at GPS Plumbers can help. At Public Service Plumbers, we’ve taken a thorough and common sense approach to plumb for homeowners and businesses in the Brevard area for more than three decades. Our Melbourne faucet replacement experts pride ourselves on our level of experience and the fact that our employees have a tremendous commitment to the company. Every one of our plumbing techs has at least ten years of experience. Our support staff has more than 100 years of combined plumbing experience. We’ll look at more than your leaky faucet, too.

The Causes of a Leaky Faucet in Melbourne FL

There several potential factors that can lead to a leaking faucet:
  • You may have worn out washers. Every time you turn on your water, the washer comes into contact with the valve seat. This causes friction, which, over time, will wear out the washer. When the washer wears out, water begins dripping from the spout. In compression faucets, this happens when rubber washers wear out, requiring replacement.
  • You may have a corroded seat valve. The seat valve acts as a connector between the faucet and the spout compression mechanism. As water-sediment builds over time, this can lead to corrosion of the valve seat, resulting in leaking around the spout.
  • If your washer and seat valve is intact, you may have a problem with your O-ring. In most faucets, a screw holds the handle of a tap in place. The rigid screw attaches to a small disk referred to as an O-ring. If the O-ring loosens or wears out, water may start dripping near the handle of your faucet.
  • The improper installation of a washer can also lead to a leaky faucet. Depending on the kind of valve you have, you may need the assistance of an experienced plumber who can dismantle and repair the problem.
  • Worn out seals can also cause leaking faucets. Over time, seals can wear out due to the buildup of sediment. Since inlet and outlet seals are essential parts of a faucet, sediment buildup around the seals can compromise their ability to act effectively.
  • Problems with piping can also cause leaks. Broken or cracked piping, or broken pipe fittings, can result in leaks that affect water pressure. If you’ve excluded all other potential causes, you may want to contact a plumber to determine if you have a problem with your pipes.

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Waltraud Erika Barthelmas

We had an unexpected problem with the outside water spigot,it broke still inside the concrete wall. Ryan just returned from work to his house and my son asked him for help.Ryan fixed our problem within a short time.He was very friendly,helpful and amazing. We are very grateful to him,since we are not familiar with the plumbing system in our house.We did not even know where the main shut off was! Now we know!

David Marcus

I cannot speak highly enough about this father-son team (Ed and Ryan). Highly highly highly recommend! Professional, prompt, experienced, efficient, and incredibly personable and friendly. They are hands down the best in town, and I will definitely be calling upon their services again the future! Thank you GPS Plumbers!

Jeff DiDonato

Called GPS on Tuesday around 11 and arranged for this team to come and change my water heater which had stopped working. They also repaired a shower cartridge in the handle of my shower quickly and without mess all this was completed by 4 that afternoon.